Scientific Programme – Sunday, November 27

08:30 – 10:30   Session IX 
08:30 J. Bridoux Back-to-basics III: Bioconjugation chemistry in radiopharmaceutical sciences | Jessica Bridoux
09:15 S. Leekens OP29 Site-specific Zr-89 labeling of a VHH construct as a half-life extending building block for PET applications.
09:27 S. Bacot OP30 How to radiolabel a hydrophobic VHH with Tc-99m for Blood Brain Barrier crossing evaluation?
09:39 C. Bolzati OP31 Metabolites identification by ESI(+)-MS spectroscopy of the selective αvβ3 RGDechi peptide and of two [99mTc][Tc(N)PNP]-tagged derivatives
09:51 C. Gobbi OP32 Site-specific tagging of scFvD2B-HysTag with [99mTc][Tc(CO)3]+ framework for SPECT imaging of PSMA in prostate cancer: preliminary in vitro investigation
10:03 Y. Derks Invited Lecture 6: Optical tracers, from imaging to therapy

10:45 – Coffee Break 

11:15 – 12:42   Session X 
11:15 N. van der Meulen Invited Lecture 7: Are there any new radionuclides of interest out there? If yes, why and what for? 
12:00 K. Bendova OP33 68Ga-Ornibactin for Burkholderia cepacia complex infection imaging using positron emission tomography
12:15 M. Petrik OP34 68Ga-siderophores for imaging Escherichia coli infection – selection of suitable candidates
12:30 J. Duvenhage OP35 Developing a radiolabelled tracer for prospective PET imaging of Plasmodium falciparum infection
 12:36 – Wrap up/ Closing E. Cazzola

13:00 – Farewell Lunch