Scientific Programme – Friday, November 25

08:30 – 10:05   Session I 
08:30 M. Laube Back-to-basics I: C-11 and/or F-18 radiochemistry – recent developments
09:15 M-A. Karageorgou OP01 99mTc-labeled dual-modality contrast agent: from radiosynthesis to in vivo gamma-camera/MR imaging applications in mice models
09:27 A. Stankovic OP02 Combined radionuclide and hyperthermia cancer therapy with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles coupled to 131I-labeled antibodies
09:39 G. Aleshin OP03 Conjugates of Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles with Macrocyclic Ligands For Radiopharmaceuticals: In Vitro And In Vivo Stability
09:51 M. T. Martinez Martinez OP04 Dual labeling of 67Ga-DTPA-FITC-Silk Fibroin Nanoparticles for Biodistribution Studies. Optimization of the radiolabeling approach.

10:05 – Coffee Break 

10:35 – 12:20   Session II 
10:35 Y. Mori Invited Lecture 1: FAPI PET / Cancer stroma imaging – status quo and future perspectives 
11:20 L. Joosten OP05 New Radiolabeled Exendin Analogues Show Reduced Renal Retention
11:32 A. A. Hörmann OP06 Influence of Peptide Length on the in Vitro and in Vivo Properties of 177Lu-labelled Gastrin Analogues
11:44 X. Guarrochena OP07 Enhancing the in vivo stability of somatostatin-based radiotracers with the amide-to-triazole switch methodology.
11:56  C. Bolzati OP08 [99mTc][Tc(N)(PNP)]-tagging of Biomolecules: Effects of the Introduction of Water-Soluble Substituents on the PNP Ligand Structure
12:08  N. Salvarese    OP09 [99mTc][Tc(N)PNP]-tagging of the Small RGDfK Peptide: Impact of Different PNP Structures on the Labeling and Pharmacokinetics of the Radioconjugates

12:20 – Lunch

13:45 – 15:30   Session III
13:45 M. Ma Invited Lecture 2: Coordination chemistry
14:30 E. Matazova OP11 Benzoazacrown chelator BATA as a better candidate than DOTA for TAT with Bi(III) and Ac(III)
14:42 E. Goumi OP12 Preclinical evaluation of [68Ga]Ga-DATA5m.SA.FAPi: A room temperature gallium-68 labeled radioligand for FAP targeting.
14:54  S. Ahenkorah  OP13 3p-C-NETA-TATE: A theranostic somatostatin analogue targeting neuroendocrine tumors
15:06  M. Asti  OP14 In Vivo stability and biodistribution of copper-64 labelled S-containing DOTA derivative: a potential chelator to thwart the biological instability of copper-based radiotracers
15:18 L. Zamurueva OP15 Benzoazacrown ligands for a chelation of copper and lead radioisotopes and comparative stability of their complexes in vitro and in vivo

15:30 – Coffee Break

16:00 – 18:00 Session IV
16:00 T.Main-Nock & R. Mansi Invited Lecture 3 / debate: Agonists versus antagonists | Theodosia Maina-Nock (Athens, Greece) and Rosalba Mansi (Basel, Switzerland)
16:45 Poster Pitches
17:15 Poster & Refreshments