Preliminary Program – ESRR’24 Invited lectures

Opening lecture

  • AI in chemistry, with focus on data-driven reaction prediciton, Teodoro Laino (Zurich, Switzerland)

Educationals / back-to-basics

  • Novel agents and future perspectives on theranostics, Filipe Elvas (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Alpha emitters, from basic physics to labeling and measuring, Janke Kleynhans (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Computational methods in radiopharmaceutical sciences, Verena Pichler (Vienna, Austria)

Invited lectures

  • Pretargeting strategies, where are we?, Mathias Herth (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Tracking cells with radiopharmaceuticals: strategies and applications, Aljaž Sočan (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Auger electron therapy, Samantha Terry (London, UK)
  • Improving radioimmunotherapy with immuno/chemotherapy/EBRT – a winning combination? Sanne van Lith (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

GMP session

Round table GMP and Legislation (annex 1 and 3) – connected to pharmacopoeia corner, Lars Perk (NL), Neil Hartman (UK), ….

Pharmacopoeia Corner – Thijs Kroon (Working group 14), Ellen Pel (EDQM)


  • Small molecules vs peptides vs antibodies vs antibody fragments as vector molecule for theranostic radiopharmaceuticals (chair: Frederik Cleeren, Leuven, Belgium)
    • Peptides: Martin Béhé (AT)
    • Antibody fragments/ small proteins: Sanne van Lith (NL)
    • Small molecules: Verena Pichler (AT)
    • Antibodies: Mathias Herth (DK)