Submitter & Presenter

Abstract Submission is closed!
Thank you very much for your numerous submissions!

Oral Presentation Guidelines:

Please inform the ESRR Office immediately of any changes in title, presenter or mailing address.



All presentations have to be held in English. Do not cover too many details. Apportion your message appropriately. Discuss only the major points of your work, supported by the conclusions drawn from your data. Remember that you have to communicate with the audience in a limited time. A rushed presentation is of no use to the audience and your reputation. If you exceed the allotted time, the session chairperson will be forced to terminate your presentation.


Preparation of your Presentation 

– Keep data on each PowerPoint slide simple (better divide it into several slides than to crowd one).
– Presentations should be in format 16:9
– Use large, legible letters.
– Keep pictures of radiographs light (dark slides project poorly in a large auditorium).
– Color is attractive on data slides but use light colors only.
– White letters on black background are better than black on white.
– Patient confidentiality must be protected.
– Avoid commercial reference. Advertising of products is prohibited.
– Please bring your presentation on a USB stick the latest 1 hour before the start of your session to the registration desk


Poster Presentation Guidelines: 

All Oral Presenters are also asked to prepare a poster!


Dimension: 150 cm high; 90 cm wide (Your poster can be smaller but must not exceed these dimensions!)


Please be aware that your abstract will be published in EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry