Scientific Programme – Sunday, April 08

08:30 – 10:30   Session IX – Product Scrutiny
08:30 R. Schulze Lecture 10: Preparation from generators, kits, cyclotron produced nuclides – regulatory consequences
09:00 A. Elizarov Automation of FDG QC on Tracer-QC system
09:12 D. Antuganov Simultaneous determination of the potentially toxic chemical impurities in the radiopharmaceuticals by capillary electrophoresis
09:24 S. Rubow Evaluation of factors influencing the Ga-68 yield and Ge-68 breakthrough of a SnO2 based Gallium-68 generator
09:36 A. Larenkov iTLC Method for Analysis of 68Ga Radiophamaceuticals
09:48 E. Cazzola Optimization of [18F]-FPSMA1007 Synthesis HPLC free on Fastlab platform
10:00 P. Elsinga Lecture 11: Changes in radiotracer production from the beginning to beyond 2020 – did we get better?


10:30 – Coffee Break / Poster Viewing Session


11:00 – 12:36   Session X – Seek and Destroy Revisited
11:00 T. Jones Lecture 12: True whole body dynamic PET – opportunities and challenges
11:30 D. Vugts Lecture 13: Do we need radiochemists in the future
12:00 L. Navarro Synthesis and evaluation of radioiodinated and astatinated prosthetic groups for bioorthogonal conjugation to antibodies for nuclear imaging and therapy
12:12 A. Boyle Relative biological effectivD78(RBE) of 177lutetium-NOTA-panitumumab F(ab‘)2 fragments for radioimmunotherapy of pancreatic cancer cell lines
12:24 L. Gano Biological Assessment of a Radiolabelled LXXLL-Peptide for Breast Cancer Theranostics


 12:36 – Highlights / Closing  P. Laverman