Scientific Programme – Friday, April 06

08:30 – 10:15   Session I – Radiometals and Arthropods
08:30 F. Alves Lecture 1: Cyclotron produced radiometals
09:15 B. Guérin Novel Acyclic Chelators for 89Zr and 68Ga
09:27 D. Summer Improving pretargeting by applying multimerisation on a cyclic chelating scaffold
09:39  M. Ahmadi 99mTc-radiolabeling of a poorly soluble protein, a variable heavy chain antibody domain targeting pancreatic b-cells
09:51  A. Socan Synthesis of PET radiopharmaceuticals for cell radiolabelling using anion exchange column and cell labelling  


10:05 – Coffee Break / Poster Viewing Session 


10:45 – 12:45   Session II – Radiolabelling Smorgasbord
10:35 R. Rossin Lecture 2: In vivo Click Chemistry
11:20 M. Sahylí Ortega Pijeira Synthesis of 18F-AmBF3-losartan and preliminary in vitro evaluation as a novel AT1R PET radioligand in Oncology
11:32 C. Philippe Time is Money and Radiation Burden – a carbon-11 ‘two-in-one-pot’ production system
11:44  J. van Lier 18F-labelled BODIPY-steroid hormone conjugates as potential bimodal PET and fluorescence receptor imaging agents
11:56  D. Antuganov Copper-mediated radiofluorination of aryl pinacol boronates in the presence of pyridinium sulfonates
12:08 N. Lepareur Development of biocompatible and functionalised polymer nanoparticles for the specific vectorisation of an imaging agent
12:20 V. Böhmer Automation of Click Chemistry for the synthesis of 18F-labelled PSMA-tracers using the FlowSafe


12:35 – Lunch


14:15 – 15:50   Session III – In Vivo Targetry
14:05 S. Kraemer Lecture 3: Basics in kinetic modelling
14:50 M. Petrik  Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection imaging with Ga-68 labelled pyoverdine
15:02 P. Kaeopookum Modifying the siderophore triacetylfusarinine C for molecular imaging applications
15:14  R. Raveé In vitro and in vivo comparison of the novel 89Zr chelator DFO-cyclo* with DFO
15:26  T. Martinez Characterization by Radio-HPLCS of Cell Effluxes and Cell Extracts of 99mTc-HMPAO Human Leukocytes


15:40 – Meet the Author poster session with refreshments


16:30 – 17:30   Session IV – Kill the Disease, not the Patient 
16:30 M. Behe Lecture 4: Safety assessment requirements for radiopharmaceuticals for first in human studies (Toxicity and allometric upscaling)
17:00 M. Bardies Lecture 5: Transfer of preclinical dosimetry to humans
17:30 Round table / Discussion