Abstract Deadline – January 08, 2018!

Please prepare your abstract in *.docx format and submit your work to: office@esrr.info.

Abstract length shall not exceed 400 words and should be structured as follows:

Materials & Methods

Each paragraph should be identified by an underlined heading. Abstracts will be reproduced as submitted by the authors, but possibly reduced in size. A minimum typing size of 11 points for the text and 13 points for title and list of authors is therefore requested. Black-and-white line drawings and graphs have to be drawn or fixed directly into the file. Use black ink only for text or figures.

References should be formatted as follows:
Surname, Initials, Year, Abbreviated Name of Journal, Volume, Pages
Kumar A, Welti D, Ernst RR, [1975], JMR 18: 69-83


Poster Presentation:

Size of Poster: 150 cm high, 90 cm wide! Your poster can be smaller but must not exceed these dimensions!